About the Leonard Cheshire Archive

The Leonard Cheshire Archive started in 1985 and contains the history of our charity and our founder Leonard Cheshire.

The archive was one of the last projects of Group Captain Leonard Cheshire, who wanted to preserve the memory of those people who had volunteered, worked and lived in his charities, as well as his own humanitarian work.

The archive is open to researchers by appointment every day, apart from weekends. The building is based in South Derbyshire and contains administrative records, our founder Group Captain Leonard Cheshire’s collection and film, sound and photograph collections. Part of the film archive is curated on our behalf by the British Film Institute. Research visits to the archive can be made by appointment with the archivist.

Catalogues for the collections kept at the archive (also known as ‘finding aids’ or ‘archive descriptions’) are being added to the Archives Hub and are available for members of the public to view by clicking on this link.

Our reel to reel film archive is kept at the British Film Institute, who have digitised 10 films as part of this project. More of our films can be found on their catalogue. Please find the catalogue by clicking on this link.

Find out more about our Rewind project by clicking on this link.



For further information please contact:

The Archive Centre
Newlands House
Main Street
South Derbyshire
DE12 8DA

Email: archivecentre@leonardcheshire.org
Phone: 01283 763 951