Episode 2 of our Resonate podcast is now live on the Anchor app and YouTube. In this episode, some of our digital volunteers share the stories they have discovered listening to our sound tapes. Our volunteers have been listening to tapes from our archive, and transcribing their contents. This is so we can create a series of accessible films for people to listen and view. Look out for highlights from our newly discovered sound later in the year.

All three volunteers have picked clips of speeches from our founder, Group Captain Lord Leonard Cheshire. In these speeches, Leonard talks about his remarkable live serving in the RAF’s Bomber Command during the Second World War and the humanitarian work that followed.

One story that comes up repeatedly in his speeches is the life of West Midlands disability activist Hilary Pole MBE whose life and achievements had a profound affect on our founder. You can dowload a transcript for this episode here Transcript Episode 2. 

The Resonate podcast is also available on YouTube.

We hope that you enjoy Episode 2 of our podcast, and look out for another episode coming soon.