A man and a woman stood outside a car in a forest road

Leonard Cheshire and Sue Ryder on a work trip in Poland, 1959.

Archivist Stephanie explores the archives to find out more about the partnership in life and work of humanitarians Sue Ryder and Leonard Cheshire.

 Leonard and Sue met after the Second World War, both coming to terms with their wartime experiences and finding a way to ensure such a war never happened again. They began to work together and soon decided to share their lives and married in India in 1959.

Their respective charities remained seperate, and joint work began under a new charity Ryder-Cheshire. Stephanie explores the work of Ryder-Cheshire, including a conversation with Ryder-Cheshire Australia president Rory McEwen. She discovers how, towards the end of his life, Leonard predicted current concerns about the impact of climate change on society, especially regarding its affects on disabled people and those experiencing injustice.

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