Staunton Harold

Originally owned by the Ferrers family, Staunton Harold Hall in Leicestershire began the process of becoming a Cheshire home in 1955 when Leonard Cheshire saved the hall from being demolished by a demolition firm. Through generous donations from local people, the hall opened as a Cheshire Home in Summer 1955.

Staunton Harold was the fifth home to be set up by Leonard Cheshire, and by 1964 had been completely modernised and refurbished. Over the years, the home was refused permission to extend the hall, and the decision was made to raise funds for a move to a purpose-built building at Netherseal, South Derbyshire – Newlands House.

In June 1985 the residents from Staunton Harold moved to Newlands House, and the hall was sold to the Ryder Cheshire Foundation, and later became a hospice run by the Sue Ryder Foundation. In 2003 the hall was sold back into private hands.