Although Rewind has been delving into the histories of the Cheshire homes in the South-East, the Leonard Cheshire Disability Archive is based here in South Derbyshire, and we have been involving the residents at Newlands House in heritage workshops to help them discover more about their history both at Newlands and at it’s predecessor Staunton Harold in Leicestershire.

To celebrate the history of Staunton Harold, one of the earliest Cheshire homes, we are holding a month-long exhibition at Sharpe’s Pottery in Swadlincote, South Derbyshire. The exhibition includes photographs and information about how Staunton Harold came to be a Cheshire home, as well as collages created by residents at Newlands House about the history of Leonard Cheshire and the charity. As part of the exhibition our volunteer Sue also gave a talk on Rewind and the origins of Staunton Harold as a Cheshire home to local people in Swadlincote at Sharpe’s Pottery on the 8th February.

The exhibition will be held at Sharpe’s Pottery (DE11 9DG) until 6th March 2017, and is free to visit.