We have added three new speeches by Leonard Cheshire to the Rewind site. Two of these come from the early 1950s when Le Court received a gift from the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust to build a whole new building for the residents of Le Court, after the original house became unsuitable for habitation.

In the Le Court Foundation Speeches (1953)  Leonard thanks Lord Tedder, Marshall of the Royal Air Force, for giving up his time to lay the foundation for the new building.

In the Le Court Opening Speeches (1955) Leonard gives thanks to the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust on the occasion of the opening of the new building. Speeches are also provided by Leonard’s father, Professor Cheshire, and Hugh Evans, a resident at Le Court.

Exterior image of Le Court

In the final newly added item, we have digitised a speech given by Leonard Cheshire in 1955 at the Eastwood Rotary Club in Leicestershire, where a new home was in the process of being developed at Staunton Harold Hall.